The end of the semester

I’m tired and ready for this semester to be past. But still, the end of each semester is always a little hard for me, because of:

• regrets and rumination about things that could have gone better
• preparing myself for the ways that students who are disappointed in their grades take that out on professors
• anticipating missing some of the students who have become important to me and are moving on
• my mind getting stuck in a groove, finding it difficult to disengage from something I’ve been highly invested in pretty much all the time for 4 months

Just like after a breakup, I find myself waking up in the middle of the night thinking about the class, and having to remind myself: But it is over now.

2 thoughts on “The end of the semester

  1. This is completely off-topic, but I want to thank you for this blog. I just had my first infusion today, and I found your posts on KAN and here provided much compassionate guidance.

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