Starting over

I’m starting 2017 with a new doctor, not because changing doctors was something I wanted or planned to do, but oddly enough, because of politics. Sure, when looking at ongoing treatment for a chronic illness you have to expect the unexpected — but not usually things like this!

I’ve known for a while that my (former) doctor and I didn’t have the same political opinions — but why should that matter when receiving medical treatment from a caring professional? He had an annoying tendency to talk about Trump before/after my infusions as if this was ordinary small talk, and though that bothered me, I put up with it. Then at our last appointment he started complaining (gloating?) about how many of his liberal patients had been calling him in a crisis soon after the U.S. presidential  election. I can’t swear whether or not he actually used words like “crybaby,” or “snowflake,” since I was still feeling effects of ketamine, but I am certain that was what he meant.

I knew I couldn’t feel comfortable calling him for help after that, whether or not my depression/anxiety was directly related to election results. If I’m going to be depending on someone to help me with this illness by sticking me with needles and giving me incapacitating drugs, I need to be able to trust that they’ll behave like a caring professional.

So I started looking for another ketamine provider, and I’m lucky that new options have become available since I started this treatment nearly 2 years ago. My new doctor is still very far away from where I live, and the routine is pretty much the same.  I don’t know what this doctor thinks about Trump or liberals and hope they never tell me.

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