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A month ago I stopped participating in discussion forums about ketamine because I was finding them too stressful.  It was disturbing to me to see desperate people asking for and receiving medical advice from random strangers on the internet — because apparently they don’t have a doctor to ask (and sometimes don’t even think they should have to have one). But I also got really tired of having to defend my treatment and how I feel about it to random strangers. The worst are the ones who know just enough about ketamine research to express their opinions using scientific jargon, and then talk down to me when I don’t accept that kind of ‘splaining as a substitute for real empirical evidence.

My recent post “Going for depression treatment, not for tripping balls” was written largely in exasperation with posts by fans of intranasal/oral ketamine, who are for some reason personally invested in hyping up alleged dangers and problems with IV ketamine. (It seems inordinately important to them to believe that their treatment is better than IV ketamine, and to distinguish themselves from IV ketamine patients by characterizing us as stupid, risk-taking drug abusers.) Even after I left the discussion forums to avoid this shit, I’m still frustrated by people trying to post comments of this nature on my blog!

Comments are welcome here, but ultimately, this is my personal blog about my own experiences, not an open discussion forum. I don’t need to give equal time on my blog to whatever concerns you may have about the treatment that is saving my life. Since I don’t work for a health insurance company, I have no interest in using my blog to promote the obviously profit-driven (rather than science-driven or patient care-driven) views these companies have about ketamine treatments. Finally, I will not post comments that make broadly scientific-sounding claims without providing any actual references to published research. Moderating open discussions responsibly is hard, too hard for me to be willing to take that on now. But I’m also not willing to let my blog become a vehicle for spreading stigma and misinformation.

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  1. Excellent points! The few times I ever give “medical” advice based on my treatments (i.e., they didn’t work), I always qualify them by saying it is only my personal experience and that it may not be the same for anyone else. If what I have to say gives a fellow sufferer a fresh idea or option to consider, that is all I think I can really do.

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  2. I want to personally thank you for the information you’ve posted here and on the website. You said many things I could closely relate to. I participated in a clinical trial for treatment resistant depression and experienced profound results. The treatment has since mostly worn off, however, I’m getting ready to get a booster infusion and self administerable ketamine. I’m hoping the ketamine sublinguals will prolong the results.

    I know how hard it is when we waste our limited energy on trying to persuade others, but I think you should know your messages have meant a lot to me and I’m sure others.

    I hope you can figure out what works for you and look forward to reading more.

    More here on my infusion:

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    • Thank you! The study you participated in looks interesting, and I hope the maintenance treatments work well for you. (BTW, since you asked about this: I’ve been having boosters monthly for about 1.5 years and haven’t noticed any build up of tolerance or side effects over time.)


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