Very grateful and lucky to be able to have ketamine treatment

I went for my ketamine infusion yesterday. My doctor made the drip slower to keep the dose the same while making the psychedelic effects much less intense than last month. The experience was entirely uneventful and within 90 minutes I felt completely fine.

I get really frustrated every time I read an article that dismisses ketamine as a viable treatment option for depression because of ‘unacceptable side effects’ or nonsense like that. Unacceptable compared to what? Compared to the ongoing, uncomfortable, and sometimes serious side effects associated with every FDA-approved biological treatment for depression? Compared to the persistent and/or severe depression with which people like me who don’t respond to the standard treatments are otherwise forced to live? What is so unacceptable about having to lay down while feeling a little weird for just one hour per month, to get a treatment that works?

Don’t get me wrong – I’m glad that scientists are working on finding new medications for depression that might work the same way ketamine does, that will eventually be FDA-approved and covered by insurance. I look forward to being able to use those new medications myself, someday. I just don’t think suffering patients should have to wait the years it will take for these treatments to be available when ketamine could be helping them have their lives back NOW.

That I can afford to pay for ketamine treatment, and that I could find a kind doctor who works hard every day to provide it, makes me extremely lucky. I don’t even have the words to express how grateful I am.


For more information about ketamine treatment for depression:

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